Yes, you read well.

Anxiety saved my life and I’ll tell you why: It forced me to do that what I was terribly afraid of doing by leaving me no option.


See, the first time I experienced an anxiety attack I was 19 years old. I was studying Fashion and had a part-time office job in big recruitment company. I lived in a house I loved and had great fun at. I got to travel a lot every year, I was in great shape and I was dating a “perfect” guy. But guess what? I was unhappy.

I had known for about a year that I wasn’t living the life I wanted. I knew it with my whole heart and my body was sick of telling me, but I was too scared to break free.


I will be forever grateful to Bobby for breaking up with me. When he did, I thought the world was going to end and I felt the biggest rejection I have ever until the date felt.

I felt abandonment, shame, fear, sadness, guiltiness, anger and pain all at the same time. To top up the story Bobby and I worked together, so I had to deal with all of that while being professional! Hahahaha oh, life…


Anyway, the thing is that the break up introduced me for the first time to this little bitch we call anxiety. And man that's when shit got real…

I suffered from anxiety for about 6 months, and they were the hardest months of my life. Life became scary and heavy and very hard to deal with.


However looking back now, if I had to sign a contract to go through all of it once a year to be who I am now, I would do so. Because all of that pain took me exactly where I am. It was totally worth it.


If I wouldn’t have had anxiety I wouldn’t have met my first mentor, who taught me mindfulness, helped me reconnect with my meditation practice and guided me through a path of deep self-discovery. If I wouldn’t have been so terrified about being alone, I wouldn’t have had to develop such an intimate and loving relationship within myself. And if I wouldn't have been so uncomfortable with everything that surrounded me at the time, I wouldn’t have broken free & ended years later in the other side of the world, teaching people how to love & free themselves.


So again looking back, I will always be entirely grateful for anxiety pushing my buttons. Making me feel more lost than ever so that I would understand I needed to find myself, and more unhappy than ever so that I would learn about creating happiness within.


Whatever you are going through right now, I can assure you it is teaching you and preparing you for something greater.

Ride the waves, learn from them, TRUST IN LIFE.


The only way out is through.

Breath it through…

You’ve got this.





I think that's a very important question to ask ourselves every day.

Concentrating on the achievement of our egoistic desires will never make us feel fulfilled.


When instead, we focus on HOW CAN WE CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY TO OTHER BEING'S LIVES, HOW CAN WE MAKE A GOOD IMPACT IN THE WORLD, HOW CAN WE GROW MORE? We will be tapping into our soul's purpose and finding that happiness is peace of mind.

We need very little... Think about it:


💛Did you every worried about the money on your bank account, while hugging someone you love after a long time apart? .

💛Did you ever thought on buying a new pair of shoes while seeing your young siblings or children having a laugh attack?

💛Or did you ever thought about getting a new phone while having an orgasm? (I can actually see that happening for some people😂😂😂😂).


If you want to flow with life finding peace within and attracting real wealth and abundance, focus on finding the way in which you can contribute to be of service to this Earth. The rest will come along.






Where does your body end

And mine starts


Where does your skin bristle, and mine is heard


Where are you

Find yourself and come


Undress your heart,

dress my soul with flowers


Come to sing clouds to the heavens


Declare your love to the branches

That sprout from your bare feet



Your dreams in my Universe

In the gardens of my pleasures


Anchoring your love on my hips


Dancing the limits,

Where your body ends

And mine starts





Dónde termina tu cuerpo

Y empieza el mío


Dónde se eriza tu piel y se oye la mía


Dónde estás

Encuéntrate y ven


Desnuda tu corazón

Vísteme el alma de flores


Ven a cantarle nubes a los cielos


Declara tu amor a las ramas

Que brotan de tus pies descalzos


Tus sueños en mi Universo

En los jardines de mis placeres


Anclando tu amor en mis caderas...


Danzando los límites,

Donde termina tu cuerpo

Y empieza el mío


Love can be fucking frightening.



There is so much that's scary about putting your heart out of your chest to make an offer of love to someone.


What I have recently discovered, is that one of the most common patterns we engage in is the "Give me some sort of proof of guarantee, and then I will allow myself to love you." Here's what I think:

Whether you give yourself permission to honour your feelings or not, once you are in love, you just are.


Despite if that love is reciprocated; despite if that person you love is interested and ready, or not.

I understand our desire for protection. And that we walk carefully before jumping in.

But at the same time we are somehow lying to ourselves, by doing that.

We are feeding the idea that we have something to lose. That if we give all of our love away and receive none back, we will be lacking. Incomplete.


Do you want to know the secret about love..? 

We are love.

Love IS.

Without a subject and without an object. Without time and without space.

Love cannot be given or lost; we are made of it.

In the moment we stop trying to own love, and surrender to it owning us, fear dissapears.

Love more.

Fear less.


Big love.